Update: “Icefall” video featured on HBO’s Vice TV’s episide: Greenland is Melting

Footage I shot last summer (seen at 1:38) was used in HBO’s Vice TV series special on Greenland and climate warming. They focus most on the rapid changes that are happening to the Greenland Ice sheet.


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Shoulders of the tundra

Shoulders of the tundra

Two bull caribou linger in an autumn shadow. I took this photo last September while making my rounds on my time-lapse camera network checking batteries and downloading images. The few weeks in spring and fall when vegetation greens up and later browns capture biological activity that is usually spread out over months at lower latitudes. These so called “shoulder seasons” are critical periods in determining the reproductive prospects of the local caribou population. The long Pennsylvania winter is almost over and I look forward to returning to the chilly Greenland tundra in a few short weeks.

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Drifting counterclockwise

On the ring road, the mind wanders. Time wanders. Until…

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Dancing Sky

NorthernLightsThe northern lights in Eastern Iceland from inside a soccer goal.  September 2013.

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A lonely drive

The road was my conversation. The soothing drone of asphalt contrasting the staccatoed chatter of gravel striking the undercarriage. Always conversations held at a distance, filtered through metal and plastic but brought to life by the vivid imagery rolling slowly to my rear. Ten days of silence on the Ring Road was my transition back to society after spending so much time alone on the Greenlandic tundra. Rarely is the transition home so gradual.

I took this photo as I neared the end of my circumnavigation of Iceland’s Route 1. It captured my feeling that evening, blending the pull of a beautiful landscape with a reminder of friends that were far away.

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Walk behind a waterfall, and you’ll be at Seljalandsfoss in southwest Iceland. Nowhere else in the world boasts a similar phenomenon. Just another day on Iceland’s Route 1.

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Muskoxen in West Greenland

Muskoxen in West Greenland

A break from scenes from Iceland… this photo is from last summer in Greenland. Relics of an age-now past, these rugged creatures live in large family groups dominated by a massive bull. Early in spring (May/June) the tundra is brown as it transitions from snow scape to verdant herbivore calving ground.

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